Media Solutions

Get greater engagement and better results with the media solutions from Visualminds. Our approach is on getting a better understanding of the users. Our goal in media solutions is to design the ideal audiences for the promotion of your brand. We bring together an exclusive and vast data that are set from the various devices and channels. We are creating rich and incredible consumer profiles. Through the use of these profiles, we choose the best target audiences for the brand. After the targeted audience is already defined, you can now leverage the creative suite and cross-channel for the excellent executions. Visualminds is using its state-of-the art technology in delivering messages through various media footprints. This is a part of the truest expression of right message, right time, right place and right audience.

Corporate Video Making

Visualminds is helping business clients to effectively communicate messages through engaging and creative corporate videos. We are the leading company that works at making the best possible videos. Whatever your budget or need, we are here to help you in producing a wide array of corporate videos: • Event capture/filming • Animations • Training Videos • Viral Videos • Web Videos • Promotional Videos Our team assures that our work is technologically advanced, creative and results driven.

Products Video Promos

We understand that technology is becoming more important in the lives of consumers. Visualminds products video promos are an effective tool for the growth of businesses. Our promo videos are proven to boost click throughs, conversion rates and consumer engagement. Our products video promos are personalized for this age and day. We make it certain that your business is being given with utmost personality. The demo videos of the products are presented in their natural setting. Thus, your valued customers see the best and most unique features of the products of your business.


Visualminds provides a wide array of multimedia production services that are designed in meeting the production needs of its clients such as: • Script Writing • Sound and Music Effects • Animation Capability and Graphics • HD/DV editing and recording • DVD or web Encoding • Whole Concept Development • Shooting in on-location or in-studio • Duplication Services Our production projects mainly include video, event video and promotional productions. Our other services on multimedia production include event videotaping, broadcast television studio, digital editing, audio/video encoding, video conversion and multimedia duplication.

Digital Media Marketing

Our digital media marketing services are designed to putting your brand on top of the competitors. We can help you in having access to the most active consumers. We make it a point that the on-site, mobile and social events allow you of reaching your targeted audience. Visualminds and its staff has years of experience in integrating the brand of your business into the daily activities, conversations and important milestones. Depending upon your request, we are creating the most customized digital media marketing plans just for you!